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You can book all of your classes here online and have the opportunity reserve your spot in class for the rest of the week. 

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The story of QUEST.

Mar'Quone Edmonds, otherwise known as Coach Q, has been in the fitness industry for six years. Q graduated from the University of Indianapolis with a degree in Kinesiology. He has a passion for fitness and helping people attain their goals. Q's high-energy personality combined with his extensive knowledge of exercise technique make him the ideal fitness trainer.

Q started Quest Performance Training in January of 2019 with a goal to produce a challenging workout that leads to life changing results through encouragement, energy and excitement. 

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At Quest we offer a unique style of training that fits all fitness levels. These group workouts are filled with fun functional moves that get the heart rate up and increases mobility and strength. Workouts consist of rotating from HIIT circuits to strength movements as well. 

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Throughout the process of a fitness plan, many question what they truly need to do to achieve desired results. It's not so much of the results that they strive for, its the feeling of accomplishment that makes the QUEST so much more meaningful. Especially when it comes to fitness, you will only continue something that you enjoy. The objective within a QUEST workout is to put your best effort forward and enjoy every step closer to your goal. QUEST is made up of group and individual sessions filled with high energy, intensity, and personal motivation. 

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Here what our clients have to say about Quest.

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Q is one of the best trainers I've ever had. He's always motivating and never underestimates what you can do. Q makes working out a good time while pushing you to your limits. Q will help you reach your fitness goals and won't stop until he does.

Gwen W.

Coach Q is a super motivating and highly skilled fitness coach. He pays close attention to all of his clients, meets everyone at their own fitness level and knows how to push each individual.

Mary G.

You just won't find a better trainer. My wife and I are going on two years of working out with Q and I still don't think we've repeated a single workout. Working out has always been a necessary evil for me - Q has changed that and now I look forward to his workouts.

Jeffery G.


37 Sherwood Terrace Lake Bluff, Il 60044

unit 132-133

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