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What are Sports Performance Workouts?

Sports performance workouts are an intensive workout intended to prepare an athlete mentally and physically for a specific rigorous sport. This is a different workout program than personal training. Sports performance is about conditioning an athlete for something specific. Personal training is intended to be more well rounded, whereas sports performance workouts are intentionally specific. There are some factors that may impact your sports performance workout program. These may be items such as age, gender, and current fitness level. When looking for a gym trainer near me, you want to make sure they are using scientifically based training and exercises to customize a workout based on your specific needs.

The intended outcome is to give you a competitive edge in your particular sport by using the latest kinesiology and advancements to create a conditioning program that increases speed, agility, power, and balance. Your conditioning may include exercises that mimic the motions you use while playing your sport. These movements are combined with an intense focus on reaction time, high intensity intervals, and vertical leap capabilities that will help you excel at competition.

The ways in which sports performance can help you include adaptation. When you do the same exercises repeatedly, your body gets used to them. When your body gets used to the routine, it tends to get in a slump and does not continue to grow. Great training can help your body adapt as long as you continually challenge your body. Training includes recovery and rest, especially between sets. This rest is planned intentionally to help you avoid injury and burnout. In addition to rest between reps, you need a rest day between days where you exercise. This type of exercise will also increase in intensity to boost the way you react to exercise, in general. The intent of this is to reduce your recovery time while being able to add weight and resistance. It will add repetition while expanding range of motion and increasing cognitive awareness.

This type of training allows it to be specific to what you need. This is not intended to be a one workout fits many. It must be specific to you to challenge you and also prepare you for the demands you are going to face during competition. If you have taken time off from training, there will be a loss of fitness and your sports plan should account for that time off and the need for reconditioning.

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