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What are Group Fitness Classes?

You may have participated in group fitness classes and not even know it. Boot camp, zumba, and body pump classes are considered group fitness. This includes many different types of group fitness that is done in a group type of setting. The class is led by a gym trainer. This type of class is growing in attention as it becomes more popular. These classes can be strength or aerobic based. Some of these classes have been created in a proprietary way so that only a specific type of gym or location can use them. These are classes like Barre or Crossfit. They are typically offered on a schedule basis and you have to reserve your spot. The spots in the class are usually limited to a certain number. When looking for group fitness near me, you want to make sure you find one that can fit into your schedule and is easy for you to access. The harder it is to get to group fitness near me, the easier it may be for you to make excuses not to attend class.

There are many benefits to working with a group fitness trainer. Personal training can be expensive and you may not be able to afford it. You get a lot out of personal training but sometimes the cost is just too high. Group fitness classes give you the ability to participate in a class with a group fitness trainer at a lower cost. You are still able to work out with a trainer, just not one on one all the time. The program is created for the entire class and not for your specific needs, but the gym trainer may be able to give you advice on how to tailor it slightly to meet your needs. The trainer is present during the entire class and is able to watch everyone in the class to make sure they are doing the movements correctly so they do not injure themselves. You have the benefit of a trainer, but at a lower cost than personal training. Even though the trainer may not be able to give up one on one attention, they are still there for support and can answer any question or concern that you might have.

When there is a class of people participating in the exercise, you can find more motivation, accountability, and enjoyment from the exercise. These classes try to focus on the fun part of fitness. There is often music and a good amount of high energy in the room. It can become social and you might make new friends. Some of these classes are centered around dance movements which bring a lot of energy. When you participate in group classes, you are with a group of people that are working through the movements just as you are. Most likely, when you are struggling, they are struggling, too. They can motivate you when you are not feeling your best or really struggling with the exercise. When you build rapport with those in the class, it helps motivate you to go to class. They can also help to hold you accountable. We all have rough days when it is just easy and more appealing to go home and watch tv. When you have friends expecting you to be there, you are more likely to go to class.

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